I am Ravi Kiran from Bangalore, India. I enjoy building and hacking things. Since that term seems quite misunderstood these days, let me clarify it. By hacking things, I mean to make them do that they weren't originally intended to do. For instance, using a TV Box as a web server or an OctoPrint server to run my 3D Printer. I also have very wide ranging interests like investment, stock trading, programming, robotics, photography and art apart from blogging. I do plan to take these up one by one. This website is the first of these interests i.e., blogging.

By degree, I am a Civil Engineer. By passion, a Cheat code hunter. What do I mean by that? Well, early on in life, I realised that the world certainly isn't what it appears to be. And you can cheat the system to get some really good rewards. Mind you, these are not ways that cause others harm though. But just give you a very very significant advantage over your competitors. Like using jekyll to run my blog instead of relying on wordpress. This gives me amazing speed and security as well as saving me hosting costs and head aches. I have written about it in my comprehensive guide to free hosting and suggest you to read it.

Beyond that, I firmly believe education can drastically change ones lives. I not only keep myself in a constant state of learning, but also do my best in helping others. I volunteer to government schools to teach underprivileged kids. This too has peaked my interest and I plan to implement a few ideas that should drastically improve the quality of education among my people. More on this later. Perhaps on a different blog.

Feel free to ping me up if you have nay questions or suggestions!